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Our teas are handcrafted in Japan and packaged at origin.

The fields where they are cultivated are located in privileged zones of Uji, Kyoto, Shizuoka and Kagoshima, where the land and the climate, due to their unique conditions in the world, allow the leaves to benefit from more and more nutrients. Rapid changes in air pressure favor the formation of abundant and dense fog; which protects the leaves from the sun, in addition to favoring the production of amino acids increases the concentration of nutrients in the leaves.


Tea O' Clock

Our staff, formed of expert Tea Masters, produces professionally the finest, totally unique and Premium quality tea. The experience acquired from ancestral times and the secrets passed on from generation to generation, surround that invaluable unique knowledge that can not be achieved in any other way.

We pamper our teas making a great effort to preserve their freshness and quality, they are stored at different temperatures according to their oxidation process, we transport them by air and in the shortest time so that they always keep the same flavor and freshness of the day of their harvest.

Our teas are not fermented, they have a minimum oxidation during their process. They are steamed to stop their oxidation, trying to preserve the natural taste and aroma.


We count certifications that have been granted by international and national organizations and institutions that demand the best product quality, an example of this is the JAS certification for our organic matcha, this is the most demanding organic certification in the world, which guarantees that the products that bear their stamp are truly organic, from the earth to its packaging.

Matcha Kaori brinda una opcion de bienestar a traves de un te japones de calidad premium, productos con proposito, empresa b certificada

We want to transmit the aromas and flavors of Japan, through our imported teas directly from their fields, it is a way to bring new sensations to our body, but also to our mind and spirit.

Enjoy our good tea.

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