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Matcha Kaori are the tenderest leaves of the green tea crop, they are protected under shade, hand selected and subjected to an ancestral process, where the stem and rib are removed, the leaves go through to a steam cooking process to stop its oxidation , then they are ground by hand in stone mills achieving an ultra-fine powder. This process is unique in Japan and has been carried out for more than 800 years, being perfected generation after generation.


Unlike an infusion, consuming the whole leaf of green tea provides an array of antioxidants and health benefits.


It helps to lose weight since it improves the metabolism as long as it is consumed regularly (3 cups a day), avoids the retention of liquids thanks to its fiber and diuretic action, favors a good circulation, improves the capacity of concentration, digestion , reduces cholesterol and provides energy without the negative effects of coffee, among others.

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In recent years, several studies have been conducted with

important results related to the tea matcha green tea, but it is also important to say that the studies are related to Japanese matcha green tea of premium quality. This is important since today we can find different qualities and imitations of other countries.

Cancer-fighter. A study conducted at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, suggests that the high concentration of Epigallocatechins Galate (EGCg) contained in matcha green tea help prevent and block the formation and growth of tumors. (1)


People who drink green tea have a 31% lower risk of heart disease, compared to those who do not drink at all, so that people who drink matcha tea get even more protective compounds. (2)


Forever young

No superfood gives you more antioxidants in the world, it contains more antioxidants than Acai, Goji or pomegranates. It's the best to stay young and with radiant skin. (3)

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