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We are Matcha Kaori America

our counterpart Matcha Kaori Japan, has entrusted us with a job that we are passionate about, to make known one of the most emblematic products of its country, full of tradition, history and ceremony.


Safeguarding the cultural and historical heritage of green tea making, social responsibility and sustainability are the pillars of our philosophy.

The best green tea in the world

Following the Kaizen philosophy our mission is the continuous improvement of our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Organic and Quality Certificates

Our  certifications that have been granted by national and international bodies and organizations that demand excellence in our products and commit ourselves to improve as a company every day, as an example our JAS and B corp certifications.


The USDA and JAS two of the most demanding organic certification in the world, which guarantees that the products bearing your seal are truly organic, from the ground up to its packaging.


As B corporation we are part of a global movement of purposeful companies, committed to achieving a positive social and environmental impact. We are responsible for continually improving and having good practices to improve our environment.

What is Matcha?

What is Matcha green tea?

Matcha is a unique in its kind green tea, very treasured and main part of the traditional tea ceremony in Japan for more than 800 years.


Matcha is a Japanese word and as we know it and enjoy it  must be produced in Japan.


To better understand what is Matcha, we must know the characteristics of an authentic Matcha green tea and its difference with a simple ground green tea.


The process of harvest and production of Matcha tea observes a very meticulous care that represents the Japanese perfection. The quality control in each stage of the production is exhaustive and requires qualified masters with years of experience.


From the selection and the fertility of the soil, the care of the plant, it must be cover the harvest of the sun and complex processes such as removing the stem and the veins from the leaves, in order to obtain the Tencha leaf which is finally grinded in stone mills to get a texture of very fine powder that we know as Matcha.

All Matcha Kaori products go through these processes, thus ensuring the highest quality.

How to distinguish good quality Matcha




Authentic Matcha green tea comes from Japan.



The color of the Matcha powder should be intense and bright green.



Matcha tea should have an herbal, umami and fresh aroma.



Matcha texture should be refined and velvety.



Matcha tea should have a mild flavor, with certain sweetness.

Associated benefits with regular consumption of matcha green tea*

No superfood provides more antioxidants in the world. It helps burn calories, rich in fiber, naturally detoxifies, viruses and bacterias fighter, cancer-fighter and much more ...

How to prepare Matcha Kaori

We invite you to discover delicious recipes easy to prepare with our Matcha Kaori Book.

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